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Pendo is your place to write Notes, organize Todos, plan Calendar and share Ideas.

It understands your Calendar event sentences, provides unique Shortcuts, and syncs notes among iCloud devices.

• Write Notes - whenever thoughts are sparkling, open Pendo and write them down - it supports photos and optional colored summaries with verbs, nouns and names, and is synced by iCloud.

• Organize Todos - Pendo makes to-dos simple to manage, and they will stick on top of other notes so you never forget :)

• Plan Calendar - Pendo's IQ >0 ;) Write (or speak) complicated events like "Take pills at 9am and 5pm everyday for two weeks", and Pendo will propose its understanding, then create events on your iOS Calendar, which will be synced to all calendars linked in iOS.

• Share Ideas - wherever you want to share your thoughts & pictures, it's just 2 taps away - currently Pendo supports sharing through Email, SMS, Weibo, Twitter and Facebook; more to come (e.g. Evernote, WhatsApp) - let us know which service you want :)

• Shortcuts - Pendo's unique Shortcuts speed up every action - instead of tapping a button to send an email, you can simply go to a new line, type 'e' then return. Similarly, type 't' for todos, 'c' for calendar events and so on.

Lots more features & subtle surprises to be explored - Enjoy!

Built by Wenzhuo Duan

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