Beatie Wolfe 8

8ight is the debut album of London-based English/American songwriter Beatie Wolfe.

This pioneering young talent is mixing classic with futuristic by combining a vinyl launch with a 3D Interactive Album App.  With this App you can watch Beatie’s flagship video, Lied, in two unprecedented 3D versions:

Palm Top Theater version:

Using the Palm Top Theater case ( ), you can experience the video in 3D, with three layers of video seeming to float above your iphone screen.

Motion Version:

You can also experience the video in an interactive way without the case, by using the motion of the phone to change the perspective of the camera within the video, creating the effect of peering into a 3D space that changes with your perspective.

The app also allows you to hear Beatie's stunning debut Album in full, with links included in the app to purchase it in iTunes.

Album Reviews:

"Beatie's debut album is beautiful. It’s hitting me, like lovely records do.” - Monocle

"Listening to your album - it's brilliant!" - GQ Magazine

"Beatie Wolfe's voice is unique; it’s both soft and sweet yet deep and powerful... which makes it captivating to listen to" - Wynton Marsalis

Built by Theodore Watson

Beatie Wolfe 8 screenshot