WebPush HD

※ On computer, push the browser webpage message(url/image/text) to your iPad.

▸ When you are browsing webpage on computer then suddenly in need of going out, if you expect to read through it in fragments of time out, the app “WebPush HD” is your choice.

▸ Just click it on your browser(support Chrome, Safari) on computer and webpage message(url/image/text) will be sent to your iPad on which you can open and continue reading it.

▸ Page message(url/image/text) is pushed into your iPad by iOS push message technology. Tap message on your iPad can be opened and downloaded onto your device. Also text messages can be edited on webpage before being pushed.

▸ You must go to http://www.loyoyo.cc/b.html to setup the "WebPush HD" browser plug-in.

✓ Video:



Built by senlin xue

WebPush HD screenshot