Roche Oncology Pipeline

The Roche Pipeline app is a comprehensive guide to all oncology molecules currently under investigation in Roche/Genentech clinical trials. This app helps medical oncologists, hematologic oncologists, fellows, and researchers find specific information about new molecules in the pipeline. Roche is targeting cancer at all levels, and the app offers a customizable experience based on the level of focus for each molecule and the specific tumor types under investigation.

The Roche Pipeline app features

· Comprehensive list of all Roche/Genentech molecules under investigation in oncology

· For each molecule, helpful descriptions of proposed mechanism of action and underlying mechanism of disease

· Up-to-date clinical trial information for each molecule, with links to

· Helpful illustrations of each molecule, with videos showing mechanism of action of late-stage molecules

· Contact information for clinical trial information, early development programs from Roche/Genentech, Roche Partnering/gPartnering, and Roche/Genentech Medical


Built by Roche SAS

Roche Oncology Pipeline screenshot