Kids' song

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Come and play with Kids’ song, old time kids favorites with dancing cats!!

The opening screen displays two options: “Let's Sing” or “Let's Dance.” Choosing either option leads to a song selection page, and then to a video clip of cats dancing to the chosen song. Both modes include subtitles that help users follow along and match spellings to words. The “Let's Dance” option allows children to dance while learning the lyrics of the song. When children are ready to perform, they can select “Let’s Sing” option where music will be played without the lyrics.

Kids learn English in an easy and fun way while following dancing cats’ movement.

Six songs in Kids’ Song with dancing cats:

-ABC Song

-Hokey Pokey

-Head And Shoulders

-Ten Little Indians

-Old MacDonald Had A Farm

-Twinkle Star


-Dynamic movement of dancing cat characters

-Selection of song and sound

-Selection between dancing and singing

-Random play functionality

Built by MinGyu Lee

Kids' song screenshot