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Have you ever lost your wallet? Then its time to meet the Smarter Wallet from Lemon.com.

The Smarter Wallet from Lemon.com turns your iPhone into a digital back-up of your wallet that organizes and stores your cards, receipts, coupons and more, so you can access what you need more conveniently. Plus, you can use the digitized information to see how you spend your money, and learn to spend smarter. With Lemon, you can now have a wallet that’s never lost, stolen or forgotten.

• Store secure back-up copies of all the cards in your wallet

• Digitize your receipts and see useful reports that show you where every dollar went

• Keep everything you need at your fingertips

• Stay safer with SSL encryption and secure storage of your cards and receipts


• Receive tips and special offers to help you save money

• Export spending data to your favorite programs (Evernote, Expensify, Excel, Box)

How it works:

1. Snap a photo of each card to add it to your digital wallet.

2. Now click any card to see the number, security code and expiration date.

3. Snap a photo of paper receipts to add spending to your digital wallet

4. See exactly what you’ve spent and what you spent it on, with at-a-glance reports.

5. Learn to spend smarter, and save even more with special offers from your favorite retailers.

Now you can save money, track your spending and keep your wallet more secure—all from your iPhone!

Please send any feedback or ideas to support@lemonhq.com.

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