Image Sketch, a simple application to generate sketches or outline of sceneries, people, objects for business demonstrations, where an abstract representation rather than true photograph is required.

The process of creating photograph is very simple:

1) Load a photograph from your library or camera using "New" button

2) Select part of photograph whose sketch has to be created by dragging, expanding/contracting the white rectangle shown for image part selection

3) [Optionally change settings of sketching behaviour, e.g. colour of Sketch Pen, fine/coarse quality of sketching etc]

4) Click "sketch" button

5) If you like sketch, you can save your sketch using "Save" button

6) If you like sketch, you can email your sketch using "System Action" button

7) If you don't like sketch, and want to revert back to original photo by doing more sketch setting changes, press "Last"

8) If you want to see / save sketch in another orientation, use "90" degree button which changes setting 90 degree in one click.

9) For seeking help you can press "?" button

10) For changing image sketch setting, press "Sketch Settings" button at top

10(a) Sketch Pen Color let you select one of seven available colours (Purple, Black, Red, Pink, Green, Blue, Golden)

10(b) Refined picture is by default ON. In case you want a rough sketch and want to increase level of processing, disable this option.

10(c) Vicinity impact is the level of impact neighbouring pixels have on processed final pixel. Normally you would not like to change it, unless you want experimenting.

10(d) Negative Sketch is to try getting a sketch in photo negative form (Normally you won't change this option as well


1) The Image Sketch application may be USED for following purpose:

1(a) Get Sketch of a person

1(b) Get a silhouette sketch of a scenic picture /photograph

1(c) Get an abstract display of some picture, where you don't what to divulge complete details

1(d) In some cases, it may be used display some encodings within a photograph hidden in colour numbers (by very slight changes)

2) Selection of Photograph:

2(a) For face sketch, front view of person in a stable position is expected.

2(b) If photograph is one taken from stable resource (e.g. professional camera, photos shared by email etc), the quality of image sketch will be much better.

3) Rough (initial output): In some cases, where the photograph has low resolution, it is possible that the immediately displayed image might not be sharp, while the same image seen on email forwarding screen may be much better. Such problem should not happen normally in high resolution photographs.

4) Refined picture employs a somewhat compute intensive algorithm. Although overall algorithm has been highly optimised, still some level of processing time may be required for bigger size pictures.

Built by Khelender Sasan

ImageSketch screenshot