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PosiMotion's Backgammon is the #1 Backgammon game on the App Store!

Classic Backgammon Game for the iPhone and iPod Touch with 'shake to roll' and game/roll statistics!

NOTE TO REVIEWERS: THIS GAME DOES NOT CHEAT!!! It's just really, really smart, and very, very hard! There is no programming that allows the computer to get the dice rolls it needs. It has complex strategy algorithms that makes it predict what moves it needs based on the moves you might make. Are you better than our super-computer???

Use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a backgammon table!

Compete against your friends or the computer to get the best score! Controls for the second player are rotated by 180 degrees.

Features a challenging A.I. with 3 levels of difficulty, one-tap checker movement, highlight possible target positions, undo movements, doubling cube, resign game or match, auto-save game on exit.

Easy checker movement: the tap area of the column is dynamically changed depending on the state of the neighboring positions, making it much easier to select checker or target position.

Advanced settings allow you to customize the game to your playing style.

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Published by PosiMotion, LLC.

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Built by in2itiveMinds

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