Plants vs. Bugs PK Online

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《PvB Online》,which is produced by Oyefaction in 2014 is available on App Store now! Same tower defense games but different feelings! Two players battle is more strategic and more exciting! Come and battle with millions of other players online!

@ It doesn’t cost much data.You can fight 200 times,steal 1000 times and you can cultivate 4000 plants or bugs with 1M.


• Battle with other players online

• 24 lovely plants protect your garden

•18 cute bugs help you conquer new territories

•Battle with your friends

•Strengthen or upgrade to make plants and bugs become stronger

•Cultivate plants and bugs in your garden

•Gently slide your finger to harvest plants and bugs

•One-click acceleration and one-click harvest

•Multi-game play modes.

•Multi-game formations

Built by Happy Boy

Plants vs. Bugs PK Online screenshot