Program to practice mental arithmetic for kids over 5. The game is set in a snowy town where you have to solve a series of arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) that you will hear or see written on the screen. For this you must move and release as fast as you can snowballs at other children who carry the different answers to the operations.

The program includes two play modes: score and practice.

In score mode, the operations that appear have to be solved as fast as you can, because the more you get, the more points you score. This mode includes 60 levels of difficulty which increase progressively.

The difficulty level is marked by the type of operation and the figures which compose it, the amount of children who appear on stage and the speed at which they approach. You should be careful because every time any of the other children hits you with a snowball, your life level will decrease. The program keeps the 10 best scores.

Practice mode allows you to access different levels of difficulty in the order and as often as you want. The contents range from the first sums up to complex divisions. The different operations are built randomly, that is, there is no fixed set of operations, which makes the amount of available exercises infinite. At the end of each practice, the program will show the amount of successful operations and the amount of errors.

All texts and audios are available in English.

Built by Evintia, S.L.

SnowCalc screenshot