Spot Shot Basketball Lite

Use the Spot Shot Basketball Lite app while shooting at the gym, at school or in your driveway. Use an armband on your non-shooting arm, that holds your mobile device securely, so you can record your shots by yourself, or have a friend record your shots while you shoot.

The Spot Shot Basketball Lite app allows you to shoot one shot from each spot on the court and enter your made or miss result. Once the spot turns white, you've maxed out that spot, so move to another one. Once you're done, review, sort and share your results.

Ease of Use...

> Select your spot on the court

> Shoot the basketball and record a "made" or "miss" entry

> Review your results anytime during your shooting session

> Share your shooting session results with social media options

> Email your results to yourself to keep track of your shooting sessions on a spreadsheet (.CSV file)

Upgrade to the full version of Spot Shot Basketball to take multiple shots from each spot on the court and achieve a balanced shooting workout.

Built by Duane Leu

Spot Shot Basketball Lite screenshot