ChantBuddy - Daimoku Tracking

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ChantBuddy turns your iPhone/iPad into a loyal mobile chanting companion, tracking daimoku progress and giving motivation to chant more to achieve your personal goals and absolute happiness. Use the social networking, text, or email features to exchange motivation with the practitioner community. Easy to use, with jam-packed functionality.

Download this free version. To benefit from the full experience, you can upgrade the app through an in-app purchase. Enjoy Chanting!

★★★★★ “What an amazing app. Really great encouraging piece of technology. Brilliant for those days when it's a struggle to chant. I love this app”

★★★★★ “This app has been helping me keep track of my goals and inspiring my practice. It's helped me to become a better practitioner.”

☆ Free features:

✓ Works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

✓ Receive & Share Daily Encouragement message

✓ Set your goals & target dates, with pictures!

✓ Time (stopwatch) and Log your chanting

✓ Track your Chant progress against your goals

✓ Personalize your chanting speed

✓ Share Daimoku with others

✓ Connect via Text, e-mail, Twitter & Facebook

✓ Gongyo Liturgy Text

✓ Links to Buddhism online resources

☆ Upgrade package:

✓ Daimoku audio in 3 speeds

✓ Daimoku Charts to visualize progress & inspire

✓ Detailed Chant Reports: never miss a session!

✓ Timer and Alarm timing functions

✓ Planning guide: Complete your goals on time

✓ Enable Audio to run in background

✓ Personalize Color Themes + more

☆ Gongyo package:

✓ Gongyo Audio (in 3 speeds) aids pronunciation

✓ Karaoke-like synchronization of text w/ Audio

✓ Auto-scrolling Gongyo Liturgy Text

✓ Rewind sections to aid Memorization

Built by Don O'Riordan

ChantBuddy - Daimoku Tracking screenshot