Princess Niobie

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A fun and cheerful story that engages children with fascinating visuals, wondrous adventures, and enjoyable interactions with characters and more. All combined with a delightful theme of S.T.E.M. education (science, technology, engineering and math)! Princess Niobie and the Wormhole Traveller is a pleasant and friendly app with an original story and characters meant to entertain children from four years of age.

Join the action with Princess Niobie and her friends! Travel to different worlds in the Wormhole Traveller's Universe, fight monkeys, run away from guards, and have a blast in Planet X!

★ Optimized for Retina displays

★ "Read to Me" and "Read it Myself" options

★ Highlighted words during narration

★ Text friendly to readers with dyslexia

★ Six extra coloring pages

★ With music that kids will love

★ No third-party advertising!

➔ About the developer Carmelyne Thompson

Our mission is to provide alternative princess stories for your young ones that's more relevant to our time. We believe that it is important to inspire girls to be interested in science, technology, engineering and math. We're excited and have more adventures coming from the Wormhole Traveller's Universe series.

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Send us an email any time 24/7 with any questions or comments. If you have a problem with any of our apps, we recommend upgrading to the most recent iOS version. If the problem persists, please contact us at with details. We take these issues very seriously, and we will do our best to assist you.

Built by Carmelyne Thompson

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